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Foaly, the technical consultant of the Lower Elements Police has his own website: www.horsesense.gnom.[citation needed]

Role in series

Horsesense is apparently a blog, onto which Foaly uploads information and gossip. It is apparently quite popular, and has been mentioned various times throughout the books.

The Opal Deception

In the very beginning of The Opal Deception, an article from www.horsesense.gnom is published. Foaly uploaded a behind the scenes account, mentioning how Holly Short was set up instead of actually being responsible for Julius Root's death and the subsequent events. Foaly praises Holly for saving the city, and criticizes the higher-up's blaming of her.[citation needed]

The Atlantis Complex

The only other appearance know of this website is in The Atlantis Complex. Foaly had posted on his website that Holly has gone on a date with Commander Kelp without her knowledge.[citation needed]


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