Natural wings were, according to the book, once possessed by all Fairies, but over time, all except the sprites lost them due to evolution. They are organs or limbs on a fairy aiding them in flight and consisting mostly of tissue and the biggest arteries (several) in the body. Water Sprites, for instance, have these kind of wings. They are described as being large and bat like. For wings in general, see Wings.


It is assumed that all fairies once had wings, and that they are descended from airborne dinosaurs such as pterodactyls. Apparently, the upper body skeletal structure is mostly the same and the argument is reinforced by the nubs of bone on each shoulder blade. The wings are a sprite's biggest organ, with 7 major arteries going through them. This means that geeting a wing injury can be very dangerous for a sprite. One such example is when Chix Verbil became the first casualty of the B'wa Kell goblin revolution by geeting shot in the wing by a battery powered Softnose laser. This one hit and punctured 3 arteries and if Captain Holly Short hadn't disobeyed orders then he would have bled out very quickly.


  • In Artemis Fowl:The Lost Colony, it is mentioned that demon stories tell that sprites couldn't fly close to the moon without freezing up. The fact that they are able to get high enough for this to happen showcases the power of these wings.

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