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"In your dreams, fishboy."
Mulch Diggums
"It's Vishby, the name is Vishby."
"Yes, fishboy, that's what I said."
―Mulch Diggums[src]

The Water Sprite is a type of sprite, as encountered in the Artemis Fowl series.

The species was mentioned briefly in The Opal Deception. (pg. 146) It is not known whether it is a new species on its own, or just another sub-species of sprite.

Water Sprites have gills, and are known to exist in Atlantis. They are described to have bat-like waterproof wings. They are likely to be the fastest faires to move underwater without assistance. The only water sprite mentioned in the series appears to be constantly ribbing Vishby, a water elf, calling him Fish-boy due to his fish-like appearance.

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