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Artemis Fowl started off in the first Artemis Fowl book as an evil 12 year old. Now though, he is still a criminal mastermind and breaks as many laws that is human and fairy like possible. His character development started as soon as he set eyes on Captain Holly Short. Though some people like Artemis as an evil mastermind Eoin Colfer had no choice but for our litte Arty to appreiciate other beings a tiny bit higher than he previously did. He attempts to do good but as Buttler sa
The Time Paradox
ys, " it is always faster if its illeagal." And everyone knows that it wouldn't be Artemis Fowl if he was a do gooder. Although the other characters have developed too none is as noticable as Artemis's change. Like in Artemis Fowl and the time paradox, even Artemis notices the change between his now and his younger 10 year old self

So if you feel sad because Artemis is doing something good instead of evil, chin up and say to your self that there wouldn't be any Artemis Fowl books if there wasn't character development.

Sprody 07:09, March 30, 2011 (UTC)

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