The tri-barreled water-cooled blaster was a large gun used and preferred by the former LEPrecon Commander Julius Root, first mentioned and used in the first book, most famous on the ship where Artemis hid Captain Holly Short's locator, a high-resolution camera,(to see the "tell-tale breath crystals") and speaker for him to talk through when Commander Root would emerge, trying to save Holly.

The tri-barreled water-cooled blaster is the most powerful handgun produced underground in the Lower Elements. It has three barrels, and its likely working as a powerful pumpgun or large laser gun cooled by water power. It is mentioned that it can be set to different levels, demonstrated by Root himself, so its probably a weapon like the Neutrinos that knocks opponents out, or perhaps its a killing weapon like the Softnoses, as its the most powerful gun in the Lower Elements.

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