Thrawl runes are an extreme and illegal form of the mesmer. It was called black magic, and most fairies don't even know about them.


Thrawl runes place any person under complete control. The "thrawl" must obide his/her master' wishes, and can't bend acommand to personal likings. A thrawl' physical abilities are boosted rather than lowered. A rune takes one spark of magic to start and afterwards operates on it's own symbols. However for maximum effect the intended thrawl is covered in tatoos of symbols, bathed in a certain oil, put on a stone slate, and given a "full minute of magic in the face". This probably lengthens the effect of the rune, as in less than ideal curcomstances the rune' power weakens over time. If a person has an alter ego the alter ego remains un effected by the rune and still fully controls himself. If no order is given a thrawl has an effort controling himself, but still can.

Known users

Turnball Root is th only person known to use thrawl runes.

The known victims are:

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