Cargo ship

A picture of a cargo ship. Hopefully this one is more long-lived than our Fowl Star.

The Fowl Star

The Fowl Star was a cargo ship that had sunk in the Bay of Kola and now is a pile of steel. On its maiden voyage, Artemis Fowl I loaded her up with 100,000 tons of cola, his bodyguard, and himself. However, the Russian Mafia didn't want "some American tycoon" to "cut himself a slice of their economy." So they did the natural thing, and blew it up, right as it was entering the Bay of Kola.

In the second book in the Artemis Fowl series, The Arctic Incident, it is revealed that the Russian Mafia made a mistake. They missed the cargo hold of the ship and hit the hull while shooting at it, meaning that they missed 100,000 tonnes of highly flammable cola and hit the reinforced steel in the front of the ship. However, there was still a remarkable explosion, despite not hitting the highly flammable cola.