The Fairy Thief

'The Fairy Thief' is a valuable painting by Pascal Hervé that Artemis stole from the International Bank in Munich early in The Opal Deception, with aid from Butler.


The painting shows a green winged sprite attempting to snatch a Human child through an open sunny window. It was the last of a series of 16 fairy-related paintings, and was kept a secret, leading most people to believe it a myth. Over the years, it has been stolen so much, it has evolved into a sort of Holy Grail for art thieves, with each thief then trying to guard it as closely as possible. Artemis intended to steal it and become the youngest to achieve this. Upon doing so, he unsealed it, after ensuring safety to do so. While examined it, he had the faint thought that the fairy couldn't enter, faint traces of repressed memories from his mind wipe. Unknowingly, while opening it, he had activated a tracker that set off the bio-bomb Opal Koboi had planted there. It was then shoved into Butler's back pocket, where the century old paint cracked. It now resides in the Louvre, as it was donated by Artemis with a note that read "More to come"

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