The Battle of Taillte was an epic battle between the fairies and humans which took place on the Hill of Taillte, Ireland, circa 7500 b.C according human calendary. As the battle stretched on and the humans began to win, the fairies (except for Demons) decided to retreat underground and leave the surface to the humans.

The Demons, however, were determined to fight it out until the surface was theirs or they all died. The Demon Warlocks, however, realized that the humans would soon overpower them, and used Hybras's erupting volcano to power a time spell that lifted Hybras into Limbo, a state where time stands still. However, two demons, Bludwin and N'Zall, tried to stop the time spell so they could stay and destroy the humans. They instead taint the spell, throwing the warlocks into the ocean and leaving them behind.