Tara is a location in Ireland where the chute E1 emerges. It also harbors the McGraney's farm and a holographic cow.

McGraney's farm has had extraordinary good luck, for housing the fairy ternimal. Their illnesses mysteriousely clear up overnight, mad cow disease ignores their herds entirely, and rare art pieces unearth themselves with surprising regularity.

Nimbus, an elf/goblin hybrid, is the terminal director in Tara.

The fairy shuttleport in Tara is one of the biggest in Europe. The terminal is concealed underneath the McGraney farm, about 30,000 cubic feet. This is because Tara is the number one preferred destination for tourists. Over 8,000 fairy tourists a year come to Tara. It has a fully fledged passenger lounge, and on average, 6 shuttles a week come from Haven City.

Mulch once broke his cousin Nord out of police custody here.

Tara is also the most magical places in the world. Artemis fowl takes water from a spring from there and cures a sprite [that he had poisoned] and gets the fairy bible.---- This article is a stub. You can help Artemis Fowl by expanding it.

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