The Taipei 101 is among the tallest buildings in the world found in Taipei, Taiwan. The architects took their inspiration form the humble bamboo. But this shape alone does not keep the skyscraper steady in the event of an earthquake or high winds, so the designers installed a seven hundred-ton steel ball as a mass damper pendulum to adsorb the force of the wind.

The Taipei 101 in the books exist in the real life Xinyi District of Taipei in Taiwan, in the Xinyi District of Taipei in Taiwan, and, standing 509.2 meters, is the second tallest building in the world, only surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Artemis Fowl uses the building's metal pendulum's size and properties in one of his master schemes when making a hostage exchange with Billy Kong between Minerva Paradizo and N°1. Demons, while living on Hybras in Limbo, often felt the calling of the moon trying to yank them out of Limbo and into timespace, most of the time resulting in eternal wandering between different alternate dimensions and time periods. To avoid this, demons on Hybras had to wear metal to link them to their own dimension. If caught without this metal, they risked being ripped into timespace. When Minerva Paradizo captured N°1, she shot him with a metal bullet to help anchor him to this dimension lest he drift away again. Before the hostage exchange, Artemis had N°1's bullet removed then placed it in the imp's hand. This way, N°1 was still in possession of metal but also had the power to let go of it if necessary. During the hostage exchange, just before N°1 was about to be taken by Billy Kong, the imp released the bullet he held in his hand. This caused the imp to be pulled into timespace, however, he quickly returned (as planned by Artemis), landing on the swaying pendulum due to the strong pull between N°1 and Taipei 101's large metal stabalizer. He was then picked up by Butler who had been waiting, as planned, by the window overlooking the swinging ball.

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