The stealth shuttle was a shuttle used by Opal Koboi, and the pixie twins Mervall and Descant Brill.


The Stealth shuttle was a shuttle composed entirely out of Stealth ore and Cam Foil, rendering it nearly invisible to the artificial eye (minus a slight shimmer). It also contained top of the range computers, a booty box which was rendered undetectable by any type of sensor, 3 escape pods (only one of which could fly by itself), heat seeking plasma rockets, a plasma cannon, and a battery rod which could gather energy from the Earth "the cleanest of energies".

Its downfall was the fact that it was airtight. Artemis Fowl was able to use sensors to scan for air in chute E7 and found it by scanning for areas where air wasn't present because the shuttle's airtight hull displaced the air.


The shuttle appeared in The Opal Deception when Opal Koboi tried to reveal Fairy existence to humans. It was destroyed when two remote activated charges were detonated inside it.

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