San D'Klass, otherwise known as San the Deluded, was the third king of the Elfin Frond Dynasty, and the truth behind the tales of Santa Claus. His story was found in the Old Testament, a record of the ancient times when humans and fairies coexist, and Artemis Fowl ll stumbles on to it while procuring a method of eluding the time-field's boundaries in Artemis Fowl

It was said that D'Klass aspired the greed of the humans could be alleviated had they been given expensive gifts, and therefore had, once a year, the great wizards elicit a time-stop over vast areas. The humans in peaceful slumber, he would send out numerous sprites with presents. The time-stop trapping those affected in their entering state of consciousness, the humans remained in their sleep and thus never woke up so long as the field was intact.

Realizing this, Artemis finalized his theory of the person's own consciousness chaining the individual in the time-field, and tested it, giving his bedridden mother narcotics to ensure her sleep. She vanished after the time-field had been set up over Fowl Manor, therefore proving his theory. He later drugged himself and his comrades, and successfully survived the Bio-bomb.

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