Professor Primate is the stuffed monkey toy of Myles Fowl, younger brother to Artemis Fowl II and twin to Beckett Fowl.


It first appears in the Time Paradox. The toy has been programmed by Artemis to say certain phrases such as "History will remember this day, Professor Myles." In the end of the book, Artemis is trying to escape the wrath of Opal Koboi as she attempts to capture the silky sifaka lemur Jayjay, the last animal whose brain fluid will make her the master of space and time. Artemis flies his private airplane toward the coast, trying to lead Opal away from the coveted lemur which is resting safely in Fowl Manor. In order to accomplish this, he had to pretend as though the lemur was with him on the plane. He had taken Myles's toy monkey and stuffed heat packs into the stuffing, in case Opal did a thermal scan using a Thermoscan Bar over the airplane. From there, he maneuvered the plane away from Jayjay and toward his suspicion of the allusive seventh kraken.

After his plane is forced to crash, Artemis runs, Professor Primate in his arms, onto a rickety old bridge over the ocean. Opal smuggly advances forward, trying to talk Artemis into giving her the lemur. As Artemis continues to run away, they both notice that he has dropped what is believed to be Jayjay. Triumphantly, Opal reaches out and snatches the toy. She exclaims that she has finally found the lemur, but Artemis quietly corrects her, saying, "Monkey."

Bewildered, Opal turned the toy around, finding it plush in her grasp. She screams as it begins to repeat "History will remember this day...History will remember this day..." It is tossed over the cliffs as Artemis triggers the explosion of what appears to be a cliff. It actually turns out to be the seventh kraken removing its skin (through explosion...).

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