This page, and most of the other pages concerning LEP technology (not including weapons) have been put together into one easier to navigate article, entitled LEP Technology. I expect that this page will be deleted very soon. Thank you.

Plasma is an energy carrying substance and transmission device in The Lower Elements. Even for the advanced technologies of Haven, Plasma is only used in a few very large and wealthy businesses, such as Koboi Labs. It also might be used in Police Plaza. It is used to power the DNA cannons in Koboi labs and presumably police plaza. It is hinted that it is radioactive as in the Arctic incident Mulch Diggums refers to it as so much radioactive slop when deactivated.


During their infiltration of Koboi Laboratories, Artemis crawled through sections of plasma pipe. It was activated so the DNA coded stun cannons could render the B'wa Kell unconscious after they discovered Cudgeon's treachery. Later on, after Opal also discovers Cudgeon's treachery, he is thrown into the now active plasma pipe and killed.

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