"You certainly can pick them, I think I saw this place in a Bond movie once."
―Butler in The Lost Colony

The Paradizo Chateau is the home of the Paradizo family. Minerva Paradizo lives there with her younger brother Beau and her father Gaspard. It is located in the South of France in a little town called Tourrettes sur Loup, on a flattened peak below the snow lines of the Alps Maritime.


The chateau was used during The Lost Colony, when N°1 was captured by Minerva and brought there for further examination.


It is said that the road leading to the chateau is rather typical to the region, being narrow and loopy.

There has been many renovations to the chateau. Originally from the nineteen century, the walls were of solid stone, the windows are reflective and likely to be bulletproof. Also, there are a lot of cameras covering every inch of the mansion. An observation tower is located in the southern corner.

The grounds, which are vast and green with grass and olive trees, have several guards on patrol which work for Juan Soto in his security company.

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