Artimis fowl |merge this article and Omnisensor to one article }}An omni sensor is a device used by a multitude of fairy devices, mainly to interface with other systems although it can also create vibrations. It supposedly can read any kind of data created by man or fairy. It looks like a pulsing led externally. It was used by Holly's helmet to scan Minerva's hard drive, then (by transmitting a virus) crash all (including Google and Yahoo) internet sites they had visited and delete the contents of the hard drives of all the computers on the network completely. It would also delete the contents of any disks with the network signature. It did all this without touching the computer at all. It was also inside Artemis Fowl's C Cube, which supposedly could accomplish a similar effect. An omni sensor is also built in to the glove of the LEPRecon suit in The Time Paradox.

Other types

The Omnisensor was created by Artemis Fowl II. It was the fairy communicator given to him by Holly Short, plus a few modifications and add-ons made by Artemis himself. The phone is the size and shape of a quarter with a pulsing red crystal at its center. It can interface with any communications system, including the human body. The phone was disguised as a rather ostentatious ring on Artemis's middle finger. Artemis twists the ring so that it sits on his palm, then closes his middle fingers, extending his thumb and little finger. The sensor would decode vibrations in his little finger and send them as voice patterns. It would also use the bones in his hand to transmit the caller's voice to the tip of his thumb. Only one person can call him by this, and that is Captain Holly Short.