Nopal was a cruel nickname given to Opal Koboi's clone by the staff of Jerbal Argon's clinic. A pun on the term 'no pal' and her original's name, Opal, it was used regardless by Holly Short and Artemis Fowl II, who considered themselves Nopal's friends. Nopal, as a clone, had a body that could barely function because of a lack of intellect; however, Artemis Fowl managed to teach her a pattern of tapping fingers. Created by Opal Koboi, the clone was made to replace Opal in the clinic, allowing the original to escape during the events of The Opal Deception. Nopal was kept at the clinic and when Artemis Fowl was being treated for Atlantis complex, he and Holly Short began visiting her. When her original form escaped prison in The Last Guardian, Artemis used Nopal to save humanity and release the souls of fairies close by; Opal was going to activate a spell that could wipe out all of humanity, and she was asked to give a final confirmation that only she could give, and Nopal, being an exact replica of Opal, could therefore stop the spell, so Artemis had her transported from the clinic and used her to save humanity. Nopal died as a result but the crysilis in which she was created would be used again to create a clone of Artemis Fowl.

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