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Artemis Fowl character
Gender male
Eye colour muave
Job shuttle port director
Species elf-goblin mix
First appearance Artemis Fowl

Nimbus is an elf-goblin hybrid. He is a shuttle port director in Tara and appears in Artemis Fowl as he complains to Commander Root.

When Nimbus was ordered to evacuate everyone from the Tara terminal by Julius Root, he quickly called his accountant Bark, and sold all his shares in the shuttle port, thinking that the price would go down.


"Anything we can do, Commander?


―Nimbus, Artemis Fowl (book)
"I want you to sell all my shares in the shuttle port. Yes, all of them. I have a hunch the price is about to take a severe dive.


―Nimbus, Artemis Fowl (book)

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