The Neutrino Series was and is, invented and created by Foaly the Centaur. The series includes various types of Neutrino Laser Guns, powered by miniature nuclear batteries (Neutrino 3000 is powered by "kinetics" and has a back-up nuclear battery) and therefore have no need to replenish ammo as most of them have a lifespan of greater than 1000 years. The Neutrino guns are platinum-plated and have different kind of modes or settings, which can be changed. Each setting is different from the others. The higher the mode is, the higher and more powerful the laser beam will become, and it will do and cause more damage, but be non-fatal and simply more painful to the target, though it might cause minor injuries. After The Arctic Incident and the B'wa Kell Rebellion, Foaly made a major improvement and upgraded the Neutrino 2000 Blaster to the Neutrino 3000. The Neutrino 3000 has five or more settings, and first appeared in The Opal Deception. There are currently only three known Neutrino gun types. The Neutrinos 500 and 2000 are made of metal and plastic but the Neutrino 3000 Blaster has no metal parts but a hard plastic-based outer casing, is not. A known variant is the Neutrino Farshot, which is a firearm designed for longe-rage targeting.


  • Neutrino 500 Blaster- little known about this gun as it is only mentioned in passing in The Artemis Fowl Files.
  • Neutrino 2000 Blaster - Has three settings: "Scorched", "Well Done" and "Crisped to a Cinder". First appeared in Artemis Fowl (book) Its presumed these settings are not taking literally and are just to describe the power of each setting, as Neutrino weapons are nonlethal. Crisped to a Cinder setting is stated to be powerful enough to take out a goblin for 8 hrs.
  • Neutrino 3000 Blaster - Has five or more settings. Is a major improvement to the Neutrino 2000 albeit for unknown reasons, and has a hard plastic casing containing no metal components. First appeared in The Opal Deception.


  • Scorched - Neutrino 2000 and Neutrino 3000
  • Well Done - Neutrino 2000 and Neutrino 3000
  • Crisped to a Cinder - Neutrino 2000 and Neutrino 3000
  • The Neutrino 3000 may have settings above this, but they are unknown.
  • The neutrino 2000 has a higher setting but it has no name that is mentioned in the series

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