Mr. Britva is the leader of the Russian Mafiya who kidnapped Artemis Fowl I in the Arctic Incident. He has several men at his disposal, like Kamar and Mikhael Vassikin (who had to guard Artemis' father). Britva does not like to be connected to his affairs, he doesn't want people saying his name where it can be recorded and usually drives around in his car when making important phone calls to not get located. His name translates into English as "razor".


"Call me if there's any trouble."
The Arctic Incident [src]
"Don't call me."
The Arctic Incident [src]
"Now listen and don't talk. You have nothing to contribute."
The Arctic Incident [src]
"No more talking! Get yourself a spine, man. It's only for a couple of days. So you might lose a year off your life, it won't kill you."
The Arctic Incident [src]


Bratva is a name for the Russian Mafia meaning "brotherhoods".

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