Artemis Fowl character
Mikhael Vassikin
Gender Male
Job Russian Mafiya enforcer (ex KGB)
Species Human
Age Thirty-seven (37)
First appearance The Arctic Incident
"Mikhael Vassikin is ex-KGB, now working for the Mafiya. The official term is khuligany. An enforcer. Not high level but not street trash either."
Foaly [src]

Mikhael Vassikin is a Russian character in The Arctic Incident. He, along with Kamar, work in the Russian Mafiya for a man named Mr. Britva. Mikhael, along with Kamar, watched over Artemis Fowl I while he was in a coma and later assisted at the ransom exchange.


"You hear that? My guts aren't right. It's the radiation, I'm telling you."
The Arctic Incident[src]
"No, I have a contact in Interpol. They have an active file on this boy. Thirteen years old and with an active file? I am thirty-seven, and still no Interpol file."
The Arctic Incident[src]
"Da? What is it? I'm busy."
The Arctic Incident[src]
"You crazy devil! What are you doing? Your father is as good as dead. I thought we had a deal!"
The Arctic Incident[src]

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