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Maggie V is an academy award winning actress living in Los Angeles from whom Mulch Diggums stole an Oscar to be included in one of his prized and valuable collections. Maggie V's award was the last needing to be stolen in order to complete Mulch's collection of actors' and actresses' Oscars. Due to this outbreak of thefts of Oscars, the thief (Mulch) was given the nickname the Grouch.

Defensive statement and Outcome

Maggie V said, "If the Grouch tries anything in my apartment, he will get a lot more than he bargained for." To Mulch, this "invitation" was irresistible. He managed to steal Maggie's award, but barely escaped with his freedom and possibly his life because of the trap Maggie V had set for him. The award was in a small hole underneath a rug in the floor. Mulch grabbed the statuette without searching for traps, and a magnetically activated alarm went off when he removed the statue. He spoke to the dogs using the fairy gift of tongues, and created a distraction, allowing him to escape after the dogs turned on their handler after Mulch told them he had a bone in his shirt.

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