Aloysius "Loafers" McGuire, named for exclusively wearing loafer shoes, was the "metal man" chosen by Carla Frazetti in the retrieval of Artemis Fowl in The Eternity Code.


As requested by Jon Spiro, the shady businessman serving as the villain for the third book, Loafers was sent by Carla Frazetti, goddaughter of the Chicago Mob's leader, Spatz Antonelli, to retrieve Artemis Fowl ll, as only he knew how to operate the C Cube Spiro had stolen from him. He was partnered with the undercover and pretending gang member Mulch Diggums for the mission. He found out about Mulch being a dwarf through his headset system while Mulch was talking to Artemis in Fowl Manor, warning him of the situation. He then infiltrated the mansion and had everything in control, when Juliet Butler, alerted earlier by Artemis's message of Butler's plight, stepped in and incapacitated him.

Loafers was later mind-wiped and had his loafers replaced as they could trigger memory recall. He was relocated to Wajir, Kenya by Holly Short and was taken in by some local villagers. Loafers had a tattoo done after every job (he was a reagular at Inky Burton's Inkblot tattoo parlour in Chicago), resulting in his arms covered with tattoos. These are also removed when he is relocated.