Biological Bomb

Artemis Fowl (series) technology
Description A bomb that destroys only living tissue, leaving landscape unchanged.
Creator Foaly
Appearance Can take any shape, but explodes with multicolors
First appearance Artemis Fowl (novel)

The Biological Bomb, also known as the 'bio-bomb' or 'blue rinse' is one of the centaur Foaly's inventions and arguably one of his deadliest weapons.

The bio-bomb is typically used to neutralize biological life while all inorganic matter intact. It is a last resort used by the LEP when all other methods of have failed. According to the books, the active agent is light, which means that it can be focused to be effective in a certain radius. It is also said that the radioactive element utilized in its core is solinium 2, which has a half life of fourteen seconds. The bio-bomb is a very accurate 'smart bomb' which proved itself capable of sailing straight through the window of Artemis Fowl II' third floor suite at the Kronski hotel when he is attacked at the start of The Opal Deception The clever thing about the bio-bomb is that it only attacks living tissue, this coupled with the fact that the casing is vaporised upon detonation makes the cause of death for a victim of it indeterminable, allowing the LEP to use it above ground in emergencies without any risk of people suspecting anything other than natural causes.


It is used three times in the series, once in the Artemis Fowl (novel) (by Commander Root) and twice in the fourth book (by Opal Koboi). In the first book, Foaly sets up time stop towers around Fowl Manor, effectively holding the grounds and everyone within trapped in time. Then the blue rinse is unleashed, creating a cleaning blue beam that destroys all life in the selected area. In the fourth book, it is used by Opal Koboi in an attempt to kill both Artemis Fowl and Butler and then shortly afterward another one is used in an attempt on Holly Short's life.

DNA Cannons

DNA cannons
Description Cannons that can be programmed to only target certain DNAs
Appears in Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident (novel)

DNA Cannons are cannons that can be programmed to only eliminate creatures with a certain type of DNA. They are primarily mentioned in Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident (novel) when Briar Cudgeon and Opal Koboi are plotting to use them against their goblins partners in the B'wa Kell Rebellion. They can be coded to eliminate anyone who isn't recognized by the computers, entire races, or certain members of a species.


A concusser is a piece of fairy technology that knocks anyone who looks at it out for almost an hour. It looks like a small, silver sphere. When set, it starts ticking for about three seconds to give the concusser's owner a chance to look away, then it explodes and emits a strong flash, knocking anyone looking at it unconscious. Concussers are usually used by [[LEP agents. It was used in Artemis Fowl (novel) by Holly Short in an Italian restaurant after a rogue troll broke in, as well as in The Seventh Dwarf, when Holly Short knocks out some rouge dwarves. Its name comes from the word [1], which is a type of head injury.

Buzz Baton

A buzz baton is an electric close quarters weapon that is used to incapacitate people. When used they send 1,000 volts into the target. They are used by Grub Kelp against Butler and Holly Short on Mulch Diggums.

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