This page contains a summary of the technology used by the LEP.

Cam Foil

Cam Foil is one of Foaly's many inventions. The surface of the foil is covered in Fairy-manufactured micro-circuitry which can analyze the wearers surroundings and display what is behind the wearer on the front and so on, hence making the user appear nearly invisible.


Unfortunately, it has weaknesses, including:

  • One shower of rain can short out the whole thing.
  • The circuitry can very easily be crushed, as No. 1 proved when trying to escape from Minerva Paradizo.
  • The foil is useless against cameras.
  • The user appears as a slight heat haze, so is still noticeable.

Cham Pod

A cham (chameleon) pod is a pod that LEP officers use as stakeout posts and refuges. It was invented by Foaly and is used by Holly Short in the second, fourth and sixth books. Artemis asks if the "cham" means camouflage, but Holly tells him it stands for "chameleon". It works in a similar way to Cam Foil.

Flux metal

Flux metal is a liquid-like metal that can still hold shape without spilling, invented by Foaly. It is saturated with nano sensors that read everything from the hand print to the DNA of the person who sticks their hand in to it. As said by Wing Commander Vinyáya in The Lost Colony, "Even if someone cut my hand off and stuck it in there, the sensors would read a lack of pulse."

It was used as the lock of the door leading to Foaly's Section 8 lab.


The Hovertrolly is a fairy invention made by Foaly.[1]


It is a hovering platform used to transport large items without any handling needed. It can be operated by personnel moving with it or via remote control from a distance.[1&]

Role in Series

Artemis Fowl

During the first Artemis Fowl novel, this was used to deliver the ransom in the Siege of Fowl Manor when Holly Short was held prisoner by Artemis Fowl II.[1] It was also reused to return half the ransom when Holly healed Artemis's mother. Artemis gave Holly half of the gold so that she would heal Angeline.[1]


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An iris-cam is a camera that covers your iris (hence the name). It features many settings that allow the user to zoom their vision in closer or record/transmit video and was invented by the centaur Foaly. Foaly says he defeated Opal Koboi's wing design with it and won an award for it in the college science fair. The iris-cam has "high resolution, digital quality, recordable picture with several filter options, including magnification and thermal." Unfortunately, it causes a bit of irritation. If you rub your eye to help the irritation it might end up inside your head. It also causes an painful electrical shock when it switches modes.


It is used by Commander Root during the first book to record his meeting with Artemis, so that Dr. J. Argon and Professor Cumulus could study Artemis's body language.

Mulch Diggums also wears one in the first book. He is told to break into the Fowl Manor, and he records the information, but then uses it to his own advantage - attaching it to a rabbit and killing it, so that it seems as if he has died, allowing him to escape with a couple bars of the LEP ransom fund's gold.

In The Eternity Code, Artemis uses an iris-cam to record his dealings with Jon Spiro and to make a plan. Apparently it was shaded to Holly Short's eyes, which were hazel, and Artemis's, being blue, almost got him caught.

Memory latex

Memory Latex is almost invisible. Apparently only "an ant" up close could see it. The material is X-Ray proof, and is primarily used to hide microphones. It adjusts to any color or texture it comes into contact with, (i.e. skin, dirt, etc.). It is also capable of shifting its form to perfectly fit the body of its user. Artemis uses it in The Eternity Code to hide a throat mic to record his conversations with Jon Spiro (to get through the voice locks). It is also used to conceal hidden weapons (such as the dart gun Commander Root uses on Cudgeon in the first novel.)


The Omnitool is most likely one of Foaly's inventions. It opens most regular locks. You can pay extra gold to get an omnitool able to short some electronic locks.

Holly Short's Omnitool was given to her by her mother, Coral Short. Mulch Diggums stole it, and therefore it caused the Hamburg Incident, as the criminal escaped and locked himself in a car. Holly re-obtained it in The Time Paradox.

Later versions of this tool can be used to make fairy phone calls. You place your middle finger in the center of the omnitool, which is on your palm. You then place your thumb beside your ear, so that you can hear what is being said, and your pinkie finger beside your mouth, so that the omnitool can pick up the sound vibrations coming from your mouth. After all this, it looks nothing more than as if you were a child talking into an imaginary phone!


Plasma is an energy carrying substance and transmission device in The Lower Elements. Even for the advanced technologies of Haven, Plasma is only used in a few very large and wealthy businesses, such as Koboi Labs. It might also be used in Police Plaza. It is used to power the DNA cannons in Koboi labs and presumably police plaza. It is hinted that it is radioactive as in The Arctic Incident Mulch Diggums refers to it as so much radioactive slop when deactivated.


During their infiltration of Koboi Laboratories, Artemis crawled through sections of plasma pipe. It was activated so the DNA coded stun cannons could render the B'wa Kell unconscious after they discovered Cudgeon's treachery. Later on, after Opal also discovers Cudgeon's treachery, he is thrown into the now active plasma pipe and killed.

Recon suit

The Recon suit is a specialized combat and scouting uniform used by LEPrecon. They are always described as having certain core features such as thermal coils, helmet lights, sonix emitters, and possibly omnisensors as Artemis is able to cobble together the C Cube from leftover helmets that he and Butler took from Holly Short and LEPRetrieval One during the Siege Of Fowl Manor.

Recon suit Mark I

The Mark I suit was the dominant suit used throughout the Siege Of Fowl Manor, B'wa Kell rebellion, and the mission to recover the C Cube. The suit had microcoils to disperse or conserve heat. It could protect the wearer from Neutrino bursts and even Sonix bursts. Softnose lasers, on the other hand, could tear through a LEP uniform "like rice paper." When paired with a microfibre jumpsuit, it could protect the officer from bullets and other small-arms projectiles.

Recon suit Mark II

The Mark II suit was a huge improvement over the original design. It was designed by Foaly. Cam Foil was woven into the suit as an alternative to shielding. Wings with a lightweight design were built into the suit. Commander Julius Root noted that "it feels as though you're not wearing wings." A bulletproof plate was placed over the chest area in case a human shot the officer. The suit could also send back health data, including basic vitals data, core body temperature, how much magic the officer had left, blood pressure, and even how dry the skin was.

Section 8 Suit

The Section 8 suit was similar to the Mark II suit, but was matte black in color, and was lined with microwafers to remove the "heat haze" effect while shielding. Wings were also built into the suit. It is also known as the Shimmer Suit.

Section 8 helmet

The Section 8 helmet was a helmet used by Section 8. It was developed by Foaly, and therefore contains many similarities to the LEP helmet. The main differences are that the Section 8 helmet has a system of electrically charged pellets that allows it to bounce about, or in the case of a commander's helmet jet thrusters to allow it to fly. It can be remote controlled, it has an Omni sensor (although it is never stated that the LEP helmet doesn't have one), a built in laser and a "revolutionary cooling system" (which can still get warm if the laser is used vigorously in a short period of time as in The Lost Colony where Holly is escaping from Paradizo Chateau with Foaly constantly firing the laser resulting in Holly feeling heat atop her head).


The Sentinel is used to detect whether information being exchanged through satellite is Fairy relevant. Most of the time, it's someone playing a fantasy video game. Each fairly-related call is given an urgency rating, and the more fairy words mentioned, the higher the rating and severity.


In The Eternity Code, Artemis made a phone call listing all the fairy-related names he knew, knowing that this would be picked up by the Sentinel with an extremely high rating and arouse great suspicion. He deducted that this would result in a member of the LEP venturing above ground to his location. Artemis needed a fairy to heal Butler after a fatal bullet wound nearly killed him, therefore, he figured, a well trained LEP member would be the best to heal his bodyguard.

In this case, instead of the Sentinel being used to insure the safety of the People, it was used merely to call for help by the genius Artemis Fowl.

Thermoscan Bar

A Thermoscan Bar is a red bar that scans with thermal imaging. It can be blocked and tricked by putting in heat packs.

In The Arctic Incident, Holly Short instructs Chix Verbil to run a thermal scan to look for goblin smugglers.

In The Time Paradox, Opal Koboi used this scanner to see if Artemis was alone when escaping in the plane, discovering that he had been hiding Jayjay, or rather Professor Primate, under his shirt.

Throat Microphones

Throat Mics are microphones stuck to a Fairy's throat using memory latex. The memory latex turns the surrounding color of where it is placed (flesh-colored), and is almost completely invisible. It is also undetectable by most computer scans made by human machines. As these mikes are vibration operated. The user needn't speak aloud to inform his comrades of something.


Invented by Foaly, the Translator is a "crescent-shaped nodule" that sits about the wearer's ear. It allows the wearer to understand Gnommish and, presumably, any other language being spoken, though that has not been proven. The device appears to have been created solely for use by non-fairies, as the People have a natural ability to understand any language being spoken to them and therefore have no need of a translator.

The first and only time the Translator is seen being used is by Artemis Fowl in The Arctic Incident so that he can understand Gnommish, as apparently speaking Mud Man gives Julius Root a headache. The Translator hasn't been mentioned since The Arctic Incident, likely in part due to the fact that there has been no cause for anyone to need to understand or speak Gnommish, and also because Artemis has since become fluent in Gnommish; by The Lost Colony, he is able to flawlessly communicate with and understand the demons after landing in Hybras. He does, however, have a slight accent.

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