Kamar is a Russian member of the Mafiya and works for Mr. Britva. Together with his colleague, Mikhael Vassikin, he watched over Artemis Fowl I when he was in a coma. He also seemed to be a smart guy who usually gave small directions on how to proceed in the mission when working with Mikhael.


"I think I'll go shout at the prisoner for a while."
The Arctic Incident [src]
"He wants caviar, can you believe it? I give him a nice bowl of stroganina and he wants caviar, the ungrateful Irlandskii."
The Arctic Incident [src]
"He's lucky I don't wrap him in a sack, and roll him into the bay."
The Arctic Incident [src]
"This whole thing is ridiculous. The Fowl boy is thirteen. Thirteen! He's a baby. How can a child raise five million dollars? It's crazy."
The Arctic Incident [src]

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