Artemis Fowl character
Juan Soto
Gender Male
Job Bodyguard
Species Human
Appears in The Lost Colony
"The latin one is Juan Soto. Head of Soto Security. He seems to be a legitimate security operative. Not much expertise, hardly any training. Nothing to worry about"
Foaly [src]

Juan Soto is Minerva Paradizo's bodyguard, and the head of Soto Security in The Lost Colony. He was knocked out by Billy Kong before he could rescue Minerva from being kidnapped.

Though he is the head of a security organization, Billy Kong knows that he has no training and will not fare well in dire situations.

He is from Spanish descent.



"Yes, Miss Paradizo. I realize your brother may be missing. I say 'may be' because that 'may' be him in the toy car. It sure looks like him to me. Okay, okay, I take your point. It is 'unusual' for toy cars to fly that far. It could be a malfunction."
― Soto discussing with Minerva in The Lost Colony
"They have a tank. How did they get a tank up here?"
The Lost Colony
"Mademoiselle is in no danger. My men will protect you. Perhaps the strain of the day has made you irritbale. Maybe you should take a nap."
― Soto advising Minerva in The Lost Colony

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