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An iris-cam is a camera that covers one's iris (hence the name). It features many settings that allow the user to zoom their vision in closer or record/transmit video and was invented by the centaur Foaly. Foaly says he defeated Opal Koboi's wing design with it and won an award for it in the college science fair. The iris-cam has "high resolution, digital quality, recordable picture with several filter options, including magnification and thermal." Unfortunately, it causes a bit of irritation. If you rub your eye to help the irritation it might end up inside your head. It also causes an painful electrical shock when it switches modes.


It is used by Commander Root during the first book to record his meeting with Artemis Fowl, so that Dr. J. Argon and Professor Cumulus could study Artemis's body language.

Mulch Diggums also wears one in Book 1. He is told to break into the Fowl Manor, and he records the information, but then uses it to his own advantage - attaching it to a rabbit and killing it, so that it seems as if he has died, allowing him to escape with a couple bars of the LEP ransom fund's gold.

In The Eternity Code, Artemis Fowl uses an iris-cam to record his dealings with Jon Spiro and to make a plan. Apparently it was shaded to Captain Holly Short's eyes, which were hazel, and Artemis's, being blue, almost got him caught.