Artemis Fowl organization
Ice Age Cryogenics Institute
Goal freeze people to preserve them until removal
Description building with rentable pods in which they freeze your body
Requirements to be a customer, you must be very wealthy
Leader Dr. Constance Lane
First appearance The Eternity Code
Last appearance The Eternity Code

Ice Age Cryogenics Institute is the clinic where Artemis Fowl takes Butler after he gets shot, in Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code.

The institute is tucked away in Dicken's Lane, "a side alley on the famous medcal boulevard's southern end". They say it situated on Harley Street, but it's not, though the clinic has it written on all of their stationery. It's one of the three centers in the city, but the only one with free units up for rent. The building's façade is clad with bright aluminum making it look like a spaceship. The doors look like they belong in Star Trek.

There is a nurse, Tracy, with long fake nails dressed in a white uniform with a three cornered hat, supervising the reception. She's described as being nonchalant, smoking and reading a gossip magazine, but gets very motivated when presented with a new customer.

The clinic's lounge also has a space age theme. There is a lot of velour and many eternity mirrors. The office walls are lined up with frames, such as doctors degrees and certificates that probably could have been obtained over the weekend. Along a wall are several photographic portraits with the words; Love Lies Sleeping, above them.



The institute has a mobile unit for transporting clients from private clinics. The vans are equipped with their own generator and full stark white surgery, which meets the strictest standards of equipment and hygiene. They have a medi sink, air conditioning and an overhead neon strip. There is also a lot of room for the pods.

"These units cost almost a million pounds apiece."
Dr. Constance Lane [src]

"The vans are custom made in Munich, specially armoured too. This thing could drive over a land mine and come out smiling."
Dr. Constance Lane [src]


A cylindrical cryogenics pod unit has its own gyroscope that hums like a household freezer. It can run self-diagnostics on the patient, which emits electronic beeps and whirrs. With a press of a button to a pneumatic pump, the pods lid opens up.

The patient is suited up in a special silver colored freezer suit and then laid inside the pod. In Butler's case, he had several cold packs heaped on his body - and the cylindrical cryo pod was strapped to a gurney and then placed inside the van (because Artemis did not want to step inside the building.)