Gruff was the oldest troll on record.

His mother may have named him Gruff, or she may have been trying to say Get off. He was also called Suspect Zero (by LEPtroll), Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, or El Chupacabra, (for humans, depending on which area he had been spotted in).

Gruff had stayed alive for several extra centuries by being prepared to hike across the globe in search of magical residue. There was not a continent he had not visited under cover of darkness, and his graying hide was crisscrossed with the scars and scorch marks of a hundred tussles with the LEP and various human hunters. If Gruff could put a sentence together, he would probably say: Maybe I look beat up, but you should see the other guys.

In the Last Guardian Gruff was currently residing in a cave on Dalkey Island, off the coast of South Dublin, and he would swim ashore to a private slipway and help himself to livestock from surrounding farms.

Later he felt magical residue in Fowl Estate and immediately seted out there. Then he met Mulch Diggums, who bestrided him and used to help his friends in troubles, Artemis Fowl and Holly Short.

He appeared the last time when friends flew out by a solar plane.

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