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The gremlin species is sentient, and technically a Fairy, but are not one of the original The People families. They are the least mentioned of all the fairies.

Physical appearance & abilities

Gremlins are very short creatures, and are often found at a place of work. They are usually about 21 in tall and have big yelow eyes, grey skin and a mane of fur or hair around there head. Gremlins also have small, stubby ears. It is not known if they can conjure magic. They probably can conjure magic, considering some of them are paramedic warlocks.

Role in series

Artemis Fowl

A few gremlins were running amok in terminal E1 in the first Artemis Fowl novel, Artemis Fowl. There were a mob of gremlins in Tara's terminal complaining about shuttle suspensions as well.[1]

Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel

In the Artemis Fowl graphic novel, one is seen attaching a device to Commander Root.[2]

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident The Graphic Novel

A gremlin is talking to Captain Kelp after him and Grub ran across the battlefield. He is explaining Trouble Kelp's injuries. It is the first and last time a gremlin speaks in the series.


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