While presenting the Ice Cube, a device serving as an imperative tool in his latest project, being capable of shooting minuscule reflective wafers up into the clouds and later descending with snow to cover the glaciers, to Captain Holly Short, Foaly and Wing Commander Vinyaya in the first chapter of The Atlantis Complex, Artemis Fowl ll, suffering from obsessive behaviour and aware of the notion, attempts an 'old trick of the hypnotherapists' on himself, hoping to diagnose his actual malady. He tried imagining himself in a happy, safe place, and chose to recall a few seconds he spent with his late grandfather.

Artemis's grandfather, once mentioned in Artemis Fowl that he was 'dead over ten years', and whom Angeline's delusion caused her to see, was probably also a genius and a criminal, though not as clever as his grandson. He had a workshop where, in Artemis's memory, Artemis went in when he was just a five-year-old toddler, sitting on a stool. However, the actual conversing that occurred between them remained a mystery, for, horrified by what he remembered, Artemis notes that the 'disease' had obviously already corrupted the memory, tainting it with his paranoia and obsession of numbers:

"Do you know how many legs are on that stool, Arty? Three. Only three and that’s not a good number for you. Not at all. Three is nearly as bad as four and we all know what four sounds like in Chinese, don't we?"

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