Artemis Fowl character
Giovanni Zito
Gender Male
Job Environmentalist; developes new sources of energy
Species Human
Family Opal Koboi (illegally adopted daughter--deemed "Belinda Zito")
Age late forties
First appearance Opal Deception
Last appearance Opal Deception

Giovanni Zito is an Italian environmentalist. Opal Koboi mesmerizes him into believing she is his beloved daughter. She then secretly gives the mesmerized man the plans and statistics for creating the Zito Probe, a heavy probe that will sink at a constant rate down to the center of the Earth. Zito and the rest of the population believe this will reveal the Earth's hot core as a new source of energy. However, Opal's master plan is actually designed to exploit the fairy People, wiping out Haven in the process. In this way, she can seek revenge and continue on to eventually rule the world without her fairy enemies to seek her out.

Giovanni is described as being a tanned man with Latin looks and in his late forties. He has grey streaked hair and wears designer clothes, like the Italian brand Versace.

In The Lost Colony Zito loans his opera box to Artemis when Artemis and Butler are trying to find demons.


"Belinda, my dear. Is it you?"
The Opal Deception
"When are you coming home, my dear? I miss you."
The Opal Deception
"Molto bene. Wonderful. The weather is fine. We can take a drive to the mountains. Perhaps I can teach you to ski."
The Opal Deception
"We are on our way. Man is going to the center of the earth. Look out below!"
The Opal Deception

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