The Gift of Tongues is a power that the People can use to understand and speak all languages. Some fairies such as Commander Julius Root do prefer not to use their Gift of Tongues but a translator instead because it "gives them a headache". The Gift of Tongues is a power that uses a small amount of magic power shown by how the sprite at the beginning of book one can use the Gift of Tongues even though she has been drinking wine for a long period of time and has "dulled her senses and reduced her to healing warts". Though, it is revealed later that rice wine can enhance magic, making the sprite more able to use the Gift of Tongues. One of the many languages that fairies can speak with The Gift of Tongues is Dog. Mulch Diggums speaks Dog when he is on the surface to prevent from being caught and arrested. Another more impressive example of this ability is used by Holly Short in The Time Paradox when she combines the vocal patterns of all the animals in the zoo in a fashion that made even Butler feel "slightly disturbed."

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