Artemis Fowl character
Gaspard Paradizo
Gender male
Hair colour blonde or black
Job cosmetic surgeon
Species human
Family Wife (unknown), Minerva Paradizo (daughter), Beau Paradizo (son)
Age 52 years old
First appearance The Lost Colony
Last appearance The Lost Colony
Gaspard Paradizo is the father of Minerva and Beau Paradizo. He appears in The Lost Colony.

He owns a chateau on the Vence side of Tourrettes sur Loup, twenty minutes from Nice. Tourrettes is a small artisan's village perched on the lower slopes of the Alps Maritime. The Paradizo chateau was farther up the slopes, on a flattened peak below the snow line.


Gaspard is a very rich man and expects the best from every one of his employees in the Paradizo mansion. He has been shown to display a sliver of bravery that is easily outmaneuvered by his fears. He is also a cosmetic surgeon of Brazilian descent. Gaspard's wife ran off with the mansion's gardener approximately a year before the events of The Lost Colony.


"Minerva, cherie, I think we need to take a step back from this. Perhaps quit while we're not too far behind."
The Lost Colony [src]
"I think, Minerva, that we have gone too far in this matter There are otherworldly forces at work here. Danger follows these creatures, and I can no longer allow you to place yourself, or others, in harm's way. We fought a noble fight, and I am so proud of you that my heart may burst; but now this must become a government matter."
The Lost Colony [src]
"Please, cherie. You know I love you, and I respect your genius, but just for once, couldn't we go with the pony option? Couldn't I just get Justin Timberguy to play at your birthday party?"
The Lost Colony [src]
"If you hurt her Kong..."
― Gaspard talking to Billy Kong [src]

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