Artemis Fowl character
Furty Pullchain
Gender Male
Job LEPRetrieval consultant
Species Dwarf
Family Kherb (cousin)
First appearance The Time Paradox

Furty Pullchain is a dwarf who helped the LEPrecon retrieve Opal Koboi's body (although when he got there, she at the time had already escaped) from under the kraken debris in The Time Paradox.

Normally, dwarfs do not like to cooperate with the authorities, but Pullchain had only agreed to work for them as long as he didn't have to work on any of the approximately one hundred and ninety dwarf holy days. He also wanted the LEP to pay for his steep consultant's fee.

Pullchain has a cousin named Kherb. The two of them once broke into a place (it is unknown where, as he gets cut off just as he is about to explain) when Pullchain was a sprog.

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