Foaly is a centaur who heads the technological department of the LEP. One of the last centaurs remaining, Foaly is among one of the less than five fairies who know the language Centaurian.He has been instrumental in helping Artemis Fowl many times, and Opal Koboi is his arch nemesis He also likes to irritate Root. Foaly is extremely proud of his inventions (having registered more patents than any living fairy) and codes them all in the ancient language Centaurian.

During the second book of the series, Foaly is working undercover for LEP, although he does not have any magic. LEP does not recruit non-magical fairies, as stated in The Artemis Fowl Files.


Not much is known about Foaly outside of the books' time, but he was Opal Koboi's rival in college and won the science prize in the Brotherhood of Engineers Masters for his iris-cam. He then founded his own company and started working for the LEP.

In the first book, he helps Commander Root with the siege on Fowl Manor by setting up the Time-Stop Towers and providing general technical assistance.

He plays a large part in the second book, and in the third and fourth books. He even helped Holly Short illegally when she assisted in recovering the C Cube from Jon Spiro. In the fourth book, he was the one who convinced Ark Sool and the council that Opal Koboi had returned from her coma to seek revenge on the fairies. Foaly also seems to have his own website called www.horsesense.gnom, on which he put that Holly and Trouble Kelp had a date once, probably saying that Trouble was her boyfriend.



Foaly as he appears in the graphic novel.

Foaly has a bad case of paranoia, wearing a tinfoil hat to prevent brain-probing rays (although he disposed of it when he met a female centaur, Caballine) wherever he goes, and even has a hat decorator.

He is often offended when other people take his inventions for granted, or refer to them in layman's terms. At these moments, he generally tries to explain the genius of these inventions, to no avail. He is generally extremely sarcastic and delights in teasing and mocking just about everyone, including his superiors, knowing he can get away with it because he is irreplaceable to LEP. Another trait of his is his love for soap operas, as it is implied and inferred throughout the series. One probably won't notice this trait except when he shows interest in Holly and Artemis's love life together and separate.

When under extreme stress, he has a habit of talking a lot and singing Riverbend, (the fairy equivalent of human Country and Western).

His greatest weakness is his overconfidence in his intelligence, which have left him defeated and manipulated several times. He underestimated humans as a whole rather than individuals, which lead to his initial defeat at the hands of Artemis Fowl. In the Atlantis Complex it was implied that Foaly might not be as smart as he makes himself out to be. Having traded his nephew to hack into secure files and fax them to him in under ten minutes for an extra large ice cream cone

In the books, he is often pestering the Commander (Root) and knows that he can't fire him because he built his computer from scratch and if anyone tries to use it he can have it crashing down.

Physical Appearance

Foaly's appearance in the books is not described, although it does say he has golden eyes in the first novel. The Graphic Novels depict him with dark gray skin (possibly greenish—nearly all his scenes are lit green so it's hard to tell), facial features that differ little from those of chimps, horse-like ears, and a white beard and hair. He is almost never seen without his lab coat or tin foil hat.



" push the button before I come up there and push it with your face!"—Commander Root in Artemis Fowl

"Come to press the button with my head, Commander?"
Artemis Fowl[src]

"Okay, surgery for morons it is."
The Eternity Code[src]

"That was the longest ten seconds of my life."
The Time Paradox[src]

"Shave me. What are you? Deaf?"
The Atlantis Complex[src]

"There's no crazy chair, it's more like a couch or a futon."
The Atlantis Complex[src]