Fission Chips is a Chicago company owned by Jon Spiro.It is rumored to have made it to the top on the back of stolen research. Jon Spiro states at the start of The Eternity Code that his company's stock is lower than that of Phonetix, a rival company. Fission Chips is a play on words, with Fission Chips sounding like Fish 'n' Chips. It's headquarters is the Spiro needle. This building is very high security, with a very overprotective vault. The vault has pressure pad on the hallway there, and the vault is guarded with an eye reader, a hydraulic weight sensor, a gel finger reader, and a voice recognition lock. Also, the building's laboratory entrance has a whole body scanner tha has been modified to include x - ray scanners among others to scan for bugs. It also has a decontamination chamber to protect bio technology experiments. Fairy technology though, is undetected and unaffected, allowing Artemis to speak to his allies outside during the C - cube heist in the Eternity code..

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