Artemis Fowl character
Fairy Healer
Gender Female
Job Healer
Species Sprite
First appearance Artemis Fowl
Last appearance Artemis Fowl

The fairy healer was a drunken sprite who lived in Ho Chi Minh City's alleys, healing and curing for wine.


Artemis Fowl II and Butler found her after Nguyen Xuan answered their web advertisement looking for fairies. Artemis tricked her into drinking holy water, which would leave any fairy dead in a day. Artemis made a deal with her: If the sprite gave him the Book for thirty minutes, he would give her Tara spring water, a drink which would counteract the holy water. He would also inject into her a restoring booster, which would cure her and rid all the alcohol from her body.

After borrowing the Book for half an hour, Artemis gave the sprite the restoring booster injection. But the booster was so strong, the fairy collapsed as soon as it was injected. Although she was cured, Artemis mixed amnesiac into the potion, which would make her memory of Artemis and Butler gone by the time she would wake up.

She is later seen in Artemis Fowl:The Atlantis Complex, when she tells Turnball Root on how he can recover a spark of his Magic

She told him that to get a spark of magic, you must eat mandrake and rice wine


"Sore head. Bad tooth. I heal."
―Fairy Healer
"If you know about the Book, human, then you know about the magic I have in my fist. I can kill you with a snap of my fingers!"
―Fairy Healer
"Holy water! You have murdered me, human."
―Fairy Healer
"You think I enjoy this? I want to fly again."
―Fairy Healer

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