Artemis Fowl character
Eric Lee
Gender Male
Hair colour Black
Species Human
Family Billy Kong (brother), Annie (mother)
Died Killed by a gang
Appears in The Lost Colony (mentioned)

Eric Lee was a sixteen-year old from Malibu who lived with his mother, Annie, and his little brother, Jonah, who was eight. As Jonah was more of an "outdoorsy kind of boy", he went out a lot, despite Eric's orders. Since Eric went out with his friends a lot, he couldn't leave Jonah to go to the city, which was not a good place for an eight-year old. So Eric had an idea, tricking little Jonah into believing that demons patrolled California, looking like ordinary humans until night, when they peeled off their faces and started hunting under-ten-year olds. Eric told Jonah that he was part of a "secret society" that hunted the demons. Jonah believed every word he said, and always stayed in the house while Eric went out. One night, Eric was killed by a gang, but Jonah believed that it was really demons that killed him. But over the years, Jonah convinced himself that his brother had lied to him, and that there were no demons. But about twenty years later, child prodigy Minerva Paradizo paid Jonah (now Billy Kong) to help her find and capture the real demons now materializing from Hybras. This convinced Billy that demons did exist, and that he would have his revenge for his dead brother.

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