Artemis Fowl character
Dr. Damon Kronski


Gender Male
Hair colour Black
Job Leader of Extinctionists
Species Human
First appearance The Time Paradox
Last appearance The Time Paradox

Dr. Damon Kronski is the leader of the Extinctionists, a group who disposes of the last of endangered species. Their policy is that if a creature is of no positive and immediate use to humans, then kill it. They believe useless animals have no right to use Earth's resources, grow fat, or live happily or comfortably if all humans can't enjoy these lifestyles.


Dr. Damon Kronski is an Extinctionist, to whom Artemis Fowl II sold the endangered silky sifaka lemur for 100,000 euros when he was ten in The Time Paradox. Because of the mindwipe inflicted by N*1, Artemis believes that he successfully sells the lemur and Kronski kills it during an Extinctionist meeting. However, when Holly and Artemis go back in time and alter it, they steal the lemur, whom they name Jayjay, and bring it back to the present.


Kronski is one of the villains in "The Time Paradox". He is disgusting to Artemis, due to his hatred of animals. The Hummer he owns, his clothing, and his home's furniture is all clad in rare or endangered animal's fur or body parts. Kronski also talks with a New Orleans accent, speaking the name Artemis as "Ah-temis", although when he believes he's been tricked by him, he "suddenly had no trouble pronouncing his name".

He's described as a big man with red and white hair and a head that starts into his shoulders just below the ears. Damon has translucent skin with lots of freckles and always wears a pair of violet sunglasses, during daytime and night, that stay in place by the folds in his eyebrows and cheeks. His smile is broad, shining and insincere.

When he was young, it is revealed that he had a bad experience with a koala, leading him to have developed a horrible shriek which he uses when he is frightened. He was also born with anosmia, the inability to smell odors. We see that Kronski has a sadistic sense of humor when he uses his lack of smell in a vengeful way. He chooses a terribly foul smelling souk (outdoor market in an Arab city) in Morocco, Africa for the rendezvous point for the exchange of the coveted lemur. In this way, he finds it funny to enjoy the tormented look on ten year old Artemis's face at the exchange while he himself is unaffected. Ironically, toward the end of the book, his downfall occurs when he stands between Holly and freedom in the souk. She decides to use her last spark of magic to heal him...or heal his sense of smell, rather. As she does this, his nose is overpowered by the new, horrible scents, and he is driven to the ground from pain. He never appears again in the book.


  • It is possible that Kronski went into some other form of business after Artemis put an end to the Extinctionists, as Artemis stayed in the Kronski Hotel in Munich in the Opal Deception, possibly meaning that Kronski runs that hotel and even put his name on it. Although it's also possible that an admirer of Kronski's work named it after him.
  • Extinctionists are real, no matter what anyone thinks.
  • In the book called Click by Eoin Colfer and nine other authors, a character appears in Colfer's chapter called Mr Kronski, who owns an antique shop.


"The exctinctionists are not just an organisation. We are a religion. "
Kronski in an interview

"You gonna' smell it, ah' you, Ah-temis?"
The Time Paradox

"I am on the verge of greatness. Soon my name will be mentioned in the same sentence as the Bobby Jo Haggard or Jo Bobby Saggart. The great evangelist Extinctionists. Damon Kronski, the man who saved the world."
Kronski becoming giddy at the Extinctionists Banquet

"People say that we Extinctionists hate animals, but this is not the case. We do not hate poor dumb animals, rather we love humans."
The Time Paradox

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