Artemis Fowl character
Constance Lane
Gender Female
Hair colour Red
Species Human
First appearance The Eternity Code
Last appearance The Eternity Code

Dr. Constance Lane is the surgeon who met with Artemis Fowl at the Ice Age Cryogenics Institute.

She is described as being tall and glamorous, with flowing red hair and tapered fingers. Dr. Lane is obviously rich; her smock was designed by Dior. Artemis noticed that her entire face was altered by plastic surgery. When she smiles, her face is stretched out, making her look like a balloon. Even frowning is difficult, as there isn't enough slack in her skin.

When Artemis asked to rent one of the Institute's pods, Dr. Lane was reluctant at first, but when presented with the high price Artemis was willing to pay (£100 000), she began to examine her face on a mirror - thinking of the many nips and tucks she could pay for with the money.

Constance Lane was impressed by the attention Artemis gave her when explaining the procedure with Butler's freezing, as she was not used to people paying attention when she went over the procedures.


"Our rates are quite steep."
The Eternity Code [src]
"Call your bank."
―Constance agreeing to assist Artemis [src]

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