Artemis Fowl character
Doodah Day
Gender male
Job ex-fish smuggler; currently private investigator
Species Pixie
Family unknown
Aliases none known
First appearance The Lost Colony
Last appearance The Time Paradox

Doodah Day is a legendary pixie fish smuggler who's known for his ability to drive any vehicle on (or under) Earth. He is Holly and Mulch's target bounty for their new business Short and Diggums: Private Investigators at the beginning of The Lost Colony. They are forced to let him go by Wing Commander Vinyáya when she arrives with Section 8. He later enters the story when his driving talents are needed to hook Foaly up to the Paradizo's chateau security system. He attaches a Mongocharger to Minerva Paradizo's little brother Beau's toy car to give it extra power and speed.

When Holly rejoined the LEP, Mulch and Doodah formed their own Private Investigations business.

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