"They were weak, stupid creatures, ruled by their baser appetites. What they needed was leadership.


Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
Artemis Fowl organization
Demon Council
Job govern and discuss demon issues on Hybras
Goal prepare demons for war against humans
Description council made of demons
Established after Hybras was moved into Limbo
Leader Leon Abbot
First appearance The Lost Colony
Last appearance The Lost Colony

The Demon Council was the council of important demons on the magical island of Hybras. They were headed by N'zall (better known by his human name, as Leon Abbot). Other than Abbot, the only other known member was Hadley Shrivelington Basset, otherwise known as Gristle. Leon Abbot would mesmerize the other council members into doing what he suggested. He attempted to use the council as a medium for him becoming King for Life, but his plot was foiled by the arrival Holly, Artemis, Qwan and N1, and the unraveling of the Time Spell. It is unknown if the council exists after the demons were relocated to Haven City.

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