In Artemis Fowl, it is stated that Cupid is Holly Short's great-grandfather.

Cupid (Latin: Cupido, desire) is one of the better-known names for the Greco-Roman god of love, also known as Amor (Latin: amor, love) or Eros (Greek: Ἔρως romantic love/desire), usually depicted in art as a winged boy or youth. He is commonly reduced in later folklore to a class of supernatural but non-divine manifestations of love, represented by putti or winged babies, sometimes (erroneously) referred to as cherubs.

The only statement made about him in canon besides his name is the implication Holly inherited her 'plump and cherubic' mouth from him. He could therefore be an ordinary fairy responsible for inspiring either of the above myths, or the true subject of one or both of them. 

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