"I spent my career saving creatures. You must do the same. Destruction cannot be my legacy."
―Coral Short

Coral Short is the mother of Holly Short. Described as a willowy European elf with a fierce temper, she is mentioned briefly in The Time Paradox by her daughter. She worked for LEPmarine, which patrolled the Atlantic Ocean, cleaning up after humans. She was killed after a submarine they were shadowing doused toxic radioactive waste onto her submarine.

Holly, fresh out of Academy back then, was understandably avengeful for the humans, and vowed to get even, but Coral countered in what would become one of her last words, telling Holly to also do as she had done; saving others. Those words later fueled Holly to apply for LEPrecon.

Although the event was long past, it still had a profound effect on Holly; she suffers from claustrophobia, recalling that Coral had been tortured to death in a closed space by the toxins. Coral had also given Holly an Omnitool with her name inscribed on it and which Holly said was the 'most reliable Omnitool I have ever used'. It was later stolen by Mulch Diggums from her belt she left in her locker in Tara, eight years before the events of Artemis Fowl, the notion leading to the notorious Hamburg Affair which blighted Holly's otherwise flawless profile. However, in The Time Paradox, when Holly and Artemis went back in time and was rescued from the Bentley's trunk by Mulch, Holly was finally reunited with her Omnitool, the latter having just been stolen at the time.

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