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Carla Frazetti is the goddaughter of the Chicago Mob's boss Spatz Antonelli. In book 3, she sends Loafers McGuire, as a metal man, and Mulch Diggums, as a monkey, to retrieve Artemis Fowl II so he can unlock the eternity code of his C Cube. When she is introducing Loafers to Mulch and they start arguing, she speaks testostorone stinking in the air, showing a slight amount of sexisim. She appeared in Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code. She wears all black.


"Who are you talking to, McGuire? Because you couldn't be talking to me. Not in that tone.


―Carla Frazetti, The Eternity Code

"This is the kind of job where's there's a painful payoff if you do it wrong.


―Carla Frazetti, The Eternity Code

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