Bludwin was N'zall's co-conspirator in the plot to prevent the demons and their island, Hybras, from being transported to Limbo. His body was capable of slightly raising the temperature of the surface of some lava so he must be really hot.


The fairies and demons were losing the Battle of Taillte. A circle of 7 demon warlocks, led by Qwan, tried to harness the power of a volcano to transport the demons out of time. Some demons, such as N'zall (aka Leon Abbot) and Bludwin, wanted to stay on Earth so they could continue the battle with the humans instead of "running away" from the fight. Bludwin dived for the warlocks, but he missed, plunging into the volcano and corrupting the magic of the circle. N'Zall did not miss, however, and pulled Qwan's apprentice Qweffor into the lava, fusing them together. The power of the circle broken, the demons were transported to Limbo, but the warlocks stayed behind, and N'Zall was transported 10000 years into earths future. Bludwin was never seen or heard from again and is assumed dead.

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