This page is about Bloopers throughout the series. Feel free to add here if you spotted another one.

Artemis Fowl

Gold Bars Mistake

In the book Mulch Diggums steals 24 golden bars, but in the graphic novel he steals two. In the graphic novel, the gold was piled up at 12 layers on a cart coming into the house, and yet when Holly came out with "half the gold", the cart only showed 4 layers.

Violent action half-mistake

Artemis states to Holly when they meet for the first time in jail that he does not want Holly to be violent against any of the humans in house. However, after Holly has broken from his jail and meets Artemis in the computer room, she punches Artemis. In the graphic novel, Holly realizes that wearing a helmet will render her immune to Artemis giving any more orders, and that may work on previous orders as well.

Eyes mistake

After Artemis and Root talk during the siege of Fowl Manor, Argon and other scientists want to see his eyes when he says "I can escape from the time field." But how did they see his eyes if he was wearing mirrored glasses? This was clearly seen in the Graphic Novel.

Cudgeon Tranquilizer mistake

Artemis escapes from the time field by using sleeping pills, something that no fairy has ever figured out before. However, Cudgeon is tranquilized by Root inside the timefield, yet he doesn't leave. It could either be an oversight, or be that by being tranquilized he wasn't really asleep. Yet Butler "...tasted the tranquilizer immediately...". Most likely a mistake.

Maybe he was outside the time field when it was in progess. It is possible they used a portal or the LEP base camp was on the rim of the time field.

In the graphic novel, Root was not shown shooting the tranquilizer at Cudgeon because he attacked Foaly, and Cudgeon was not shown attacking Foaly beforehand. In the first graphic novel, probably because this is not seen, we do not see that his face becomes deformed and he becomes slightly insane. He merely appears very sad with his normal face, which is not visually changed until The Arctic Incident: The Graphic Novel .

Staircase mistake

When Artemis and Butler first enter Fowl manor, Artemis goes up the wooden staircase to see his mother. However, when he descends, the staircase is marble. It could just be a different staircase, considering that they live in a mansion which is likely to have more than one staircase.

Epilogue mistake

Dr. Argon claims that the battle between Artemis and the fairies would go on for decades, but it went on for only about a year in reality. (This might not be an actual mistake as Dr. Argon's credibility has been doubted throughout the series. Holly herself is surprised that the LEP has begun to trust 'Argon and his cronies'.) This can also be credited to the fact that Artemis Fowl might have originally been a single novel, not a series.

Gold weight mistake

The amount of gold given for Holly Short would have easily weighed 25 tons, yet it was apparently one ton.

Commander Root mistake

Commander Root was invited inside Fowl Manor during the negotiations, so technically, that meant that he would be allowed back in, as Holly Short was. But as soon as he stepped over the threshold later, he puked, unlike Short.

That might be because of what Fowl said earlier, "None of your race has permission to enter here while I am alive." However, both Holly Short and Commander Root are the race of elves, and so if Short could enter Fowl Manor unharmed, Root should have been able to as well, or vice versa.

Losing Magic mistake

When entering a human dwelling uninvited, fairies become very sick and forever lose their magic, like Mulch Diggums has before. However, after Root and Short reenter Fowl Manor with other LEP officers, they all still have their magic and do not lose it throughout the series.

Angeline mistake

Angeline was shifted into time due to the sleeping pill, hence disappearing from the time field. Then Holly had to heal her during the time stop. This is not possible. Note: This is explained in the Arctic Incident when it says that Holly sends "positive sparks" that remained there long after the time stop.

In the actual book, Angeline comes out the next morning, which is Christmas Day, and she mentions that she hasn't gotten a present for Artemis yet. However, in the graphic novel, when Angeline comes out the next morning, she just wants a hug from Artemis, with no indication that it is Christmas.

Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code

Infra-Red Mistake

Holly puts a tracking device on Pex and Chips, which she states shows up red on Infra-Red. This is a mistake, since all living beings are reddish/orange on Infra-Red, so Holly's tracker would have been indistinguishable.

Cos Tapa Mistake

In the book, Juliet states that Cos Tapa is specially made for bodyguards by Madam Ko. However, in Book Seven, The Atlantis Complex, Holly states that it is an art called "The Quick Foot".

Cos Tapa and "The Quick Foot" are the same thing. <--- Nope

In Atlantis Complex, it is a martial arts involving predatory grace, or something like that.

In Eternity Code, it is "a martial arts designed not for self protection, but the protection of the principal"

Mind Wipe Mistake

Holly states that the mind wipe technology "converted brain waves to actual binary information. In laymans terms, Foaly would be able to read the humans' memories like a book and edit out what shouldn't be there." Wouldn't that mean that Foaly would have seen that Artemis had made the laser disk? Especially as he said "keep a copy, because someday, I'm gonna find what makes this guy tick."

Although, it's possible that Foaly only looked at the Fairy related memories. Maybe the mind wipe machine has a search engine in it. Besides, who has the time to sift through all the information in Artemis' vast brain? Note: Foaly erased completely all days spent in fairy company, so he probably erased that day without looking at the gold disk incident. He knew that he had been with fairies today.

It is also possible that he never had time to look at Artemis' memories, note how he said someday.

LEPretreival 1 Mistake

Apparently Butler had taken on a Lower Elements Police Retrieval Squad (LEPRetrieval 1) and confiscated their fairy technology, but in the first book, Grub Kelp had refused to hand over the equipment when Butler asked for it.

Grub refused to gather the equipment up for Butler. Butler simply gathered it himelf and gave the technology to Artemis.

No, Grub said that a LEP officer never relinquished his weapon, and Butler said ok.

No, Grub did not relinquish his own weapon. That never meant he gathered up all of the technology and left with it. Butler did indeed gather up the rest of the equipment from the other members of LEP Retrieval 1.

Removing in one week.

Knuckle Cracking Mistake

In book one it is said that "Artemis cracked his knuckles, time to do what he did best, plot dastardly acts". In book three, "John Spiro cracked his knuckles, a habit Artemis detested". However it could be that, it was a habit that Artemis was finding hard to break.

Gel Scanner Mistake

Artemis informed Holly that the memory latex won't fool the gel scanner because it makes a perfect copy, but reversed, so they need to take the real thumb. Why not take the memory latex, and attach another one to make a double negative (positive) to fool the gel scanner.

They could have been out of bandages.

The book describes Holly cutting off a piece for the print, so they couldn't be out of bandages.

But the new bandage simply would have stuck to the old one.

Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception

Ambient Gases Mistake

When Artemis comes up with the idea of searching for missing ambient gases, (when they are trying to find Opal Koboi's stealth ore shuttle) he lists oxygen and hydrogen as examples of gases in the air. This is a mistake since there is little hydrogen in the air we breathe.

Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony

Evolution Fail


Phone Fail

When Butler and Minerva were trying to get out of the Taipei 101, Butler remembers a conversation Foaly had with Artemis earlier in the story about Billy Kong, although Artemis had been speaking on his specially adapted fairy phone. How could have Butler heard what Foaly said?

Artemis could have relayed the information to Butler, but Butler quoted Foaly's words, word-for-word, and even acknowledged he gave him that information.

Photo Fail

When Number 1 was handed over to Kong and disappeared, Holly Short snapped a picture of his face when Number 1 had gone, saying she'd have a 'good laugh over that later'. But, she used her helmet to stop a grenade blowing her and the others into smithereens. Therefore, it is arguable she just did not have a good laugh later.

Floor Naming Mistake

Artemis says to Holly in Taipei 101 to meet him on the 27th floor. Later in the novel, Artemis, Butler and Minerva step out "...on the fortieth floor."

Bomb Fail

When Holly had a bomb strapped to her wrist, why didn't Butler just take the key from one of Kong's hitmen and unlock the handcuffs

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

Foaly Naming Mistake

After Artemis and Holly return from past time, Foaly calls the lemur "JayJay" even they did not tell him yet what they call him.

It was only when Artemis, Holly, and Mulch had decided that the lemur looked like Commander Root, a "Julius Junior" that they shortened it to JayJay.


If Artemis could indeed time travel, why go for the last lemur left? Why did he not go to the time when there were a lot of lemurs left and take one?

He may have been afraid of causing some sort of paradox. It is possible that he went for that one because it could be easier to find than a random lemur, as he was certain of the location.

Artemis Fowl and The Last Guardian

Caballine Mistake

The Last Guardian goes into detail telling us how Foaly met Caballine while Holly and Artemis were in Limbo (which was in The Lost Colony), yet, in The Lost Colony we see that Foaly knew Caballine BEFORE Holly and Artemis were stuck in Limbo.

Yes, but he married her while they were in Limbo

The Artemis Fowl Files

Mulch mistake

In this book is the story The Seventh Dwarf, which takes place between Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident. During it Artemis meets Mulch for the first time and uses him to steal the Fei Fei tiara's jewel for his mother. The weird thing is that in Arctic Incident, Artemis met Mulch and said it was the first time. Colfer's confusion can be explained, as he wrote this book after the first two.

Across Books

Original Fowl Castle Constructor

Artemis Fowl (novel) states the original castle was constructed by Lord Hugo de Folé. However, The Arctic Incident states that it was constructed by Lord Hugh Fowl. This may be due to the fact that the Fowls were originally form France (Normandy) then came to Ireland, and thus could have 2 Fowl Manors. (The first had probably been destroyed in Normandy). Another theory states that Lord Hugo de Folé changed his name.

Of course, 'Hugh Fowl' could simply be the anglicised version of 'Hugo de Folé'.

Ageing Artemis

In the first chapter in Artemis Fowl, that takes place in August, it is said that he is 12. Later on, during the kidnapping, it is said that he is twelve again. In the Lost Colony and Last Guardian, it is stated that his birthday is in September, so he should have either turned 13, or been 11 before. 

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